Soulvinee Glass Eye Wash Cup

Soulvinee Glass Eye Wash Cup for Keep Your Eyes Clean and Healthy Yellow Pack Of 2

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Glass Eye Wash Cup is made of non-sterile glass material, no plastic is used

COMFORTABLE AND SIMPLE RECOMMENDATION: The cup is universally suitable for most people. It has a smooth, curved lip that fits comfortably around the eye socket and a bottom handle that easily holds the cup in place.

100% safe for eyes; All smooth edges; Blends smoothly with the skin around the eyes

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Using this glass eye wash, you can wash away debris and dust from your eyes every day and keep your eyes clean and healthy. It should be in every medicine, because it helps to refresh tired and reddened eyes. No leaks or sharp edges, so you can easily and safely use this product to clean the most sensitive parts of your body. This product is designed with glass, which is much better than plastic or other similar materials. This product is really amazing because it is easy to wear and clean. The quality of the glass is too good and worth buying. Yes, you can use it in the morning to clean your eyes. All you have to do is put your eyes in it and yes, you can also boil it to sterilize it.



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